Date: November 19, 2012

News - Senator Cardin Learns About Concrete and Aggregates


Chaney Enterprises has always been open to touring visitors to its Waldorf operations, and was proud to show US Senator Ben Cardin this fall the great work we do. With Hall Chaney, chief operations officer for Chaney Enterprises as his tour guide, Sen. Cardin and other guests were provided a brief history of the company and traveled to Gardiner Road mine site to observe the ongoing mining and reclamation work. As the tour bus proceeded across, Hall described the building process of the environmentally innovative and award-winning top-down constructed bridge over the Jordan Run to connect the mine site haul road.

While at the Waldorf site on Acton Lane, Hall then explained how the bankrun, the aggregate-filled mined deposits, is washed and segregated into various sizes of sand and gravel, then to the Waldorf Mix Plant where the senator and guests learned about the basics of concrete, and the environmental and economic benefits of concrete as a building and paving material. From there, the guests visited Customer Service’s central dispatching center and The Concrete Store. Sen. Cardin was most impressed and appreciated the time spent with the Chaney Team, and shared his experience during his speech to the participants of the Charles County Economic Summit in October.

Senator Cardin Learns About Concrete and Aggregates

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