Date: November 1, 2012

News - Pervious Concrete Shows Off at Corsica Watershed Day

 Hundreds of visitors gathered throughout the day for demonstrations of environmentally friendly practices, including how the DrainCrete Pervious Concrete parking at Bloomfield Farm works during the Corsica Watershed Awareness Day at in Centreville September 16.

One of the demonstrations, pictured here, displayed how well the high-volume water discharged from the Chaney Enterprises mixer saturates down into the Pervious Concrete.

The Queen Anne’s County Department of Public Works opted for Pervious Concrete because it is an innovative and environmentally sound storm water management option, and selected Chaney Enterprises DrainCrete for the Bloomfield parking project. DrainCrete permits rain to pass through the pavement and directly into the soil which replenishes ground water, eliminates runoff into the local watersheds and satisfies EPA regulatory requirements. The product, which is extremely safe for the environment, provides more air and water to trees and plants while filtering out water-borne pollutants. The two parking lots provide the finest examples of fully-functional Pervious Concrete in the State of Maryland and were the first major Pervious Concrete installations on the Eastern Shore. 

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Pervious Concrete Shows Off at Corsica Watershed Day

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