Custom Mix Designs

We offer a line of optimized mixes designed for every kind of project. But what if none of our branded mixes meet the requirements and specifications of your unique project? Our experienced Technical Services team, who understands what you need for efficient installation and a final result that meets specifications, will tailor a custom mix to meet your project’s needs. We will name your mix just for you, so reordering your special mix in the future is painless!

Some things to consider when making a custom mix design: 

  • What application are you using the concrete for? 
  • What slump do you need? 
  • What strength? 
  • Do you need air? 
  • What weather conditions will you be working in? (summer heat or frigid winters?) 
  • What type of aggregate are you looking for? 
  • What size aggregate would you like to see in your mix design? 
  • Do you need fly ash? 

Don’t quite know where to start? Chaney Enterprises has a skilled Technical Services team that can work with you directly to come up with the best mix design for your project. Contact our customer service center to learn more: (301) 932-5000

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