Efficient Terminals



Our dedicated barge capabilities means we can reduce long hauls experienced in our trucking fleet: reducing safety risk, traffic and emissions. This strategic move is key in promoting efficient material movements and helping with the uncertainty of long truck hauling. It will also free our truck fleet to provide an even better level of local customer service. 

In addition to sand and gravel, other materials such as animal feed or scrap metals can also be shipped via barge throughout the 12,000 mile inland waterway system from Seaford, DE. 

One barge has the capacity of a 50 car unit train, 250 dump trucks or 50 tractor trailers. 


In 2017, Chaney Enterprises completed the new rail spur to our facility in Waldorf. This has enabled us to offer limestone and other products to our customers available for transfer by the new railway. 

In addition to making our products available via truck and barge, the railway allows us to make all of our products readily available to a wider market area. Like moving products via barge, the railway also allows us to reduce the amount of long hauls from our trucking fleet and increase the level of service to our local customers.