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From mason sand to asphalt sand, no two types of sand are exactly alike. Chaney Enterprises offers a variety of sand products to meet your project needs. Whether you are filling up a sandbox, laying pavers or backfilling, we have the perfect fit for you. Learn more about our sand products below. 

Types of Sand 

Mason Sand 

  • Mason sand most closely resembles what we all know as “beach sand” or “sandbox” sand. It is a fine material suitable for use on mason work, volleyball courts, and beneath swimming pools.  

Concrete Sand (C-33 Sand) 

  • Concrete sand is a coarse aggregate that is most often used in ready-mix concrete. Other applications include backfilling, use as a base under pavers and mixing into soil.  

Asphalt Sand 

  • Asphalt sand is a coarse washed sand used primarily in the production of asphalt mixes. This sand is easily compacted and works well as a leveling base.  

Play Sand 

  • Ideal for children’s play boxes, landscaping projects, molding and building. 


  • Grit sand is a very coarse sand. It works well with hardscape pavers from BuilderUp.


Sand is currently available at the following Chaney Enterprises locations. Please call ahead to check availability for the sand you have in mind. 


Barge Capabilities 

Chaney Enterprises is pleased to offer barging capabilities for our sand & gravel products. Based out of our Sussex, DE location, our barge is equipped to deliver to businesses throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Other materials such as animal feed or scrap metals can also be shipped via the 12,000 mile inland waterway system from Seaford, DE barge. One barge has the capacity of a 50 car unit train, 250 dump trucks or 50 tractor trailers. If you are in need of such services and would like to utilize this terminal, please contact Jan Holt at (301) 932-5545. 


Ways to Buy: 

  • Delivery (5-ton minimum payment) 
  • You pick up (no minimum payment) 
  • Super Sac from BuilderUp (concrete sand and mason sand only)


Determine Amount to Order: 

Download the latest version of our smartphone mobile app or use our Sand, Gravel and Stone Calculator straight from our website


All aggregates are sold by the ton and vary by location. For pricing and to double-check availability, contact our customer service department at (301) 932-5000 or click here to request a quote.