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Colored Concrete

Powder color can be a mess.  Liquid color can be a pain.  The newest innovation in color is available from Chaney Enterprises: granular integral color.  Thousands of colors are available to make any color specified or desired. Integral color is completely made to order and packaged in premeasured bags that disintegrate into any concrete mix for easy, clean use.  

These iron oxide pigments are renowned for their purity, uniformity, intensity and durability.  To ensure the highest level of quality, technicians carry out a series of rigorous tests on all finished products.  These pigments adhere to ASTM C979 specifications for integral concrete colorants and are alkaline and weather resistant. 

This product is readily available at our Annapolis concrete plant or our facilities in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  Color can also be delivered to any concrete plant in Maryland, Virginia, or Delaware for inclusion to an order. 

Colored Concrete Applications: 

  • Sidewalks 
  • Patios 
  • Stamped Concrete 
  • Concrete Floors 
  • Concrete Countertops 
  • Garage Floors 
  • Concrete Driveways 
  • Pool Decks 
  • The possibilities are endless! 


Integral Color Chart

These ready mix colors are not available in the dispenser and must be ordered separately.
IMPORTANT: The colors shown above provide an estimate of the final color and must be used only as a guideline for color selection.


Colored Concrete Applications: