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Chaney Enterprises
Phone: 301-932-5000

Local Number for Main Office   (301) 932-5000
Sales/Sales Support   (301) 932-5032
Credit Department   (301) 932-5353
Technical Services   (301) 932-5034
Human Resources   (301) 932-5361
Land Development   (301) 932-5335
Business Hours:
Monday through Friday: 6:00AM – 5:00PM
Saturday: Some locations may be open depending on availability, orders, and weather.
Sunday: CLOSED

To Place an Order:
For concrete, aggregates and custom blends, contact our customer service department at 301-932-5000. You can also reach out to a Chaney Enterprises’ Sales Team Member for more information regarding projects in your specific geographic region. If you’re not sure how much to order, check out our calculators page.
For employment opportunities, please browse our careers page.
To request a material or monetary donation from Chaney Enterprises, please fill out our donation form.