Managing water at our mine sites and concrete ready-mix plants is key to reducing our impact on the surrounding environment. Each permitted site is inspected monthly by our staff and include evaluations of the Erosion and Sediment Controls, Water Treatment Systems, and effectiveness of Best Management Practices.

Best Management Practices, known as BMP’s, are the actions taken to prevent or minimize pollutants from mixing with stormwater and to reduce the volume of process water created.

Stormwater is any rain or snow melt that is exposed to the site. Stormwater can become process water if exposed to the industrial operation or mixed with existing process water. 

Process water is any water used in the concrete batching process, including truck exterior and mixer drum wash water. Process water at concrete ready-mix plants could be polluted with sediments, elevated pH levels, oil or grease.

Because stormwater and process water comingle, our sites must be designed to direct, collect, and treat all water. With settling basins, water is treated to normalize the pH and then a stormwater management pond is the final collection and settling area before water leaves the site.  

Chaney Enterprises is taking additional steps at their locations to create zero water discharge sites so that all the water used during the process of batching ready-mix concrete is recycled and reused through our patent pending Hydro Carbonic Purification system. 

Ready-mix concrete producers and other concrete manufacturers can recycle process water in real time with the Hydro Carbonic Purification system resulting in a zero water discharge operation. For more information on this system, visit ReuseWater.com