Did you know that the average office worker generates about two pounds worth of mixed paper products every day and uses about 10,000 sheets of paper each year!? Not to mention, 70% of the total waste in offices is made up of paper! Therefore, becoming 100% paperless has been a top goal for Chaney Enterprises. 

Chaney Enterprises is committed to reducing the use of paper in their daily work processes. Through the use of electronic ticketing systems, electronic billing, the Chaney App, employee self-service technology and email instead of paper mail, the company has been able to reduce their use of paper tremendously. 

All paper tickets at Chaney Enterprises have been discontinued and converted to e-tickets. Customers have the convenience of viewing their tickets anywhere and anytime through the Chaney Customer App found at the Apple or Android mobile app store, or access is also available via the web portal at the top of website. 

Customer App

Easy access to order information.

Calculator App

Concrete & Aggregate Calculators

Driver App

For Internal Uses


Safety Data Sheets for Internal Use


Chaney Enterprises has also implemented paperless systems to benefit their team members. By making use of employee self-service technology, employees can access forms, paystubs and company information online or through the Paycom mobile app. 

Additional measures that Chaney has taken to reduce paper consumption: 

  • Electronic document sharing 
  • Electronic document record keeping 
  • Eliminating the use of paper goods like plates and cups 
  • Placing recycling bins in all of our facilities