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Whether you're looking for 57 stone, CR6, lightweight aggregates or oversized gabion stone, we've got you covered.

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Chaney Enterprises offers the following stone products: 

  • #2 Bluestone 

  • #2 bluestone is approximately 2.5” in diameter.  

  • #57 Bluestone 

  • #57 bluestone is approximately 1” in diameter. It is ideal for use in driveways, retaining wall bases, concrete slab bases, drainage, and more. Bluestone appears deep blue and/or dark gray in color. 

  • #57 Whitestone 

  • #57 whitestone is approximately 1” in diameter. It is ideal for use in driveways, retaining wall bases, concrete slab bases, drainage, and more. Whitestone appears white and/or gray in color. 

  • #67 Bluestone 

  • With all pieces under ¾" in diameter, #67 bluestone is ideal for use in road bases, slab bases and fill.  

  • #7 Bluestone 

  • #7 bluestone is approximately ½" in diameter. Often used in drainage systems. 

  • #8 Bluestone 

  • #8 bluestone is approximately 3/8” in diameter. It is often used in concrete mixes. 

  • #10 Stone 

  • #10 stone is often known as screenings or dust. 

  • CR6 - Bluestone 

  • CR6 - Whitestone 

  • CR8 Bluestone 

  • Gabion Stone (4”- 8") 

  • Although most often used for super cool landscaping projects, there are many unique uses for gabion stone.

  • Class 1 rip rap (6" - 12") 

  • Often used along sea walls to reduce erosion 

  • Class 2 rip rap (12" - 20")  

  • Often used along sea walls to reduce erosion 

  • Solite 


Stone is currently available at the following Chaney Enterprises locations. Please call ahead to check availability. 


Ways to Buy: 

  • Delivery (5-ton minimum payment) 


Determine Amount to Order: 

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All aggregates are sold by the ton and vary by location. For pricing and to double check availability, contact our customer service department at (301) 932-5000 or click “Request a Quote” from our homepage. 


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