Back Yard Bull Roast

Every October since 1979, Chaney Enterprises hosts an annual Bull Roast event to raise funds for the American Cancer Society. Each year, employees and customers gather to enjoy a fun-filled day of delicious BBQ, cold drinks, live music and entertainment for all ages. In 2018, Chaney took a drastic measure to improve the sustainability of their annual Bull Roast by creating a completely zero-waste event. 

With the help of Annapolis Green, the Chaney Bull Roast no longer produces any waste that enters a landfill. EVERYTHING is either recycled or composted. For instance, glass bottles and aluminum cans are all placed in recycling bins. The rest of the materials at the Bull Roast (food waste, plates, napkins, utensils, tablecloths, etc.) are all compostable. Compostable materials are made of plants and will turn into beautiful soil enrichment in just two months. 

We also make sure to recycle oyster shells at our Bull Roast. Once oysters are consumed at our event, the shells are collected and recycled by the Oyster Recovery Partnership (ORP). The ORP then prepares the shells and grows them into new oysters, which can be planted in oyster reefs throughout the Chesapeake Bay.