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Ready Mix Concrete

With over 1,500 mix designs, Chaney Enterprises has the ready-mix concrete for your project.

Ready Mix Concrete Photo

To produce our award-winning ready-mix concrete, Chaney Enterprises employs the latest production mixing and testing technology. Our mixes range from 50 to 10,000 plus PSI — and with more than 1,500 different concrete mixes, we can meet the mix requirements of any specified job! 

Commonly requested Ready Mix Concrete Mixes:

  • Footer Mix
  • Wall Mix
  • Interior Slab-on-Grade Mix
  • Exterior Slab-on-Grade Mix.


Why Use Concrete?


Concrete Applications


Admixtures & Fibers

Admixtures are materials you can add to concrete for additional benefits including strength and durability. 

Some of our most popular admixtures: 

Every Day Admix 

  • Water Reducer  
  • High Range Water Reducer - Super Plasticizer (AKA Super P: for high slump mixes) 
  • Air Entrainment (in all exterior concrete) 
  • Carbon Cure (Carbon Footprint Reduction) 

Seasonal Admix 

  • Accelerator (Winter) 
  • Retarder / Hydration Stabilizer (Summer) 
  • Ice (Summer) 


  • Mitigate shrinkage & cracking. Fibers replace welded wire mesh and rebar. 

Spec Work & Specialty Admix 

  • Shrinkage Reducing Admix  
  • Corrosion Inhibitor (reduces internal corrosion on jobs with a lot of rebar) 
  • Rheology Modifying Admix (used in pervious concrete
  • Viscosity Modifying Admix (used in applications like Self Consolidating Concrete