Our Story

From small beginnings, Chaney Enterprises now operates in three states and is the construction material supplier of choice throughout our market area. This comes from a firm commitment to a clear vision and mission.

Our Vision

To be the BEST business operator, employer, and neighbor in our industry.

Our Mission

Our work is our passion. We take pride in delivering exceptional products and services, while demonstrating commitment to our people, our communities, and our environment.

Our Brand Tenents

Hard Work - Responsibility- Commitment - Results - Family - Integrity

Our Beginnings

At a very young age, Eugene “Babe” Chaney was driven by an entrepreneurial spirit ---- whether it was delivering vegetables in Baltimore as a young teenager, or as a high school student hauling gravel in a one truck operation well into the night and early morning.

Eugene Chaney started in the 50’s by taking a chance on bidding a contract in Prince Georges County. It was a chance because he did not have any equipment and was not fully educated on this industry. Well, he got the contract and therefore had to perform. So, he borrowed enough money to buy 5 pieces of equipment. His goal was to fulfill this contract and then become the best in the sand and gravel business in Southern Maryland. This contract was successfully completed, so he went on to develop a vision of what his new company would look like in the future. He created the vision of a full service construction materials supplier in Southern Maryland. Through the work of himself and his family, they created what you see now as Southern Maryland’s full service construction materials supplier. Charles County Concrete and Charles County Sand & Gravel, later changed to Chaney Enterprises, started with a dream from a man named Eugene “Babe” Chaney in 1962, more than 50 years ago.

1976 bi-centenial concrete mix
Bi-Centennial Truck
Sand and gravel plant

While Mr. Chaney is no longer with us, his entrepreneurial spirit and hard work ethic are still part of the company’s culture and driving the company forward. He set the tone which has made Chaney Enterprises an industry leader on the local, state, and national level. The Chaney family is still actively involved in the operations and direction of the company.