Date: August 1, 2014

News - Roller Compacted Concrete Job Wrapping Up

For almost a year, we’ve been privileged to work on a pilot project with the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) featuring a unique type of concrete known as Roller Compacted Concrete, or RCC.

RCC is pre-mixed at the plant, delivered in dump trucks and is placed in a manner more similar to asphalt then to concrete.  This results in a significantly less expensive, yet much more durable product.  The VDOT pilot project, sponsored and designed through the Virginia Center for Transportation Innovation and Research, is the reconstruction of a commuter parking lot on Staffordboro Boulevard in Stafford, VA.  It also included a small section of the northbound lanes on Staffordboro Boulevard that was soon after covered with a two inch asphalt overlay.  The project was broken up into several placements and is nearing completion with a total of about 3,000 cubic yards expected by fall.

The concrete is batched in a modified concrete plant with an attached, portable mixer, that pre-mixes the concrete before loading into dump trucks for delivery.  The trucks then load directly into the paver which achieves most of the compaction needed for the RCC.  For this project, two separate rollers then pass over the concrete to achieve the final compaction and density of 98%.  The freshly placed concrete is so compacted and dense that you are immediately able to walk on it without leaving any mark or impression in the concrete.

While a high density paver was used on the project to achieve a higher initial density, a conventional asphalt paver may be used as well.  For more information about RCC, visit our web site at  



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