Date: April 1, 2009

News - Preventative Maintenance Pays Big Dividends

The IT Department has been working on developing a central location online for all of our plants and remote mining facilities to submit maintenance requests and fill out daily checklists. We have been working with several people in the field to make this as easy to understand and useful as possible and have consolidated two reports into one that can be filled out online. The form uses checkboxes and drop-down windows to make the submission as easy as possible. We have also set up alerts so that when an issue is reported by a plant, the appropriate people within the company are alerted by email about the issue. For a heads-up display of progress we have incorporated progress meters and milestones for management to fill out so everyone can be up-to-date on issues. As in the past with other online forms, all data is tracked by time stamps and user submission. With this solution, Chaney Enterprises and C&D Concrete facilities will be able to track and maintain issues more effectively.

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