Date: April 1, 2009

News - It’s Not Magic, It’s Maintenance

Problem: Flow Through Valve Caps seeping air after weekly air pressure maintenance.

Recommended Solution:
In order to ensure the flow through valve caps do not leak after performing weekly air pressure checks please make sure to purge a small amount of air from each valve stem.

-As always air pressure is to be checked when the tires are “cold”
-Steer and lift axle tire pressures are to be maintained at 120psi
-Drive tire pressures are to be maintained at 110 psi

-Every air pressure gauge should be checked against a master gauge once a month. If the gauge is found to read more than 4 psi above or below the master gauge reading the air pressure gauge is to be replaced.

  • Remove any dirt or mud accumulated on the end of the flow through valve cap
  • Completely push the marked air psi stick into the bottom of the gauge housing until fully retracted
  • Push or pull the air pressure gauge straight onto the end of the flow through cap.
  • Remove the gauge from the stem and read the pressure indicated on the stick 
  • Adjust air pressure as required
  • After the air pressure is correct, use the air pressure gauge to make 2 slight applications on the end of the stem and allow a short 1 to 2 second burst of air to escape each time around the gauge. This will purge any trapped debris in the flow through cap or the valve stem.
  • Verify there is no air seeping from the flow through caps by listening, feeling, or applying water and watching for bubbles.
  • If the leak will not seal by purging air, simply remove the cap and the valve stem should self seal at the valve core.
  • Report any faulty caps to the plant manager or the shop for replacement as soon as possible.

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