Date: April 9, 2009

News - Sustainable Growth: Land Development Works to Move CE Forward

Over the past few months, Chaney Enterprises Land Planning Division has experienced several significant successes before various Boards of Appeals and Hearing Examiners on expansion and extension requests. In Anne Arundel County, we received approval for a 71 acre expansion at the Riddle Mining Site. In Charles County, we received unanimous approval for an extension to the McKay Bowling Mining Site for an additional 5 years, which will provide us the opportunity to complete the mining and develop a well thought out development plan as part of the reclamation process. And in Caroline County, we received unanimous approval for a 95 acre expansion at the Bridgetown Mining Site.

These approvals are crucial to our long term mining goals and the continued viability of our company. The fact that all these applications were approved unanimously, without any recorded opposition, belies the reality of many months of hard work by a group of very dedicated Chaney Enterprises’ employees. In other words, it is not quite as simple as it appears.

Months, even years, before the hearing date, attention is focused on an in depth review of the existing mining operations to assure that everything is in order, that all permits are in place, that all environmental requirements are being met, and any complaints have been addressed. Closer to the hearing date, consultants are hired to assess and analyze any impacts or issues associated with the mining site, such as; noise, air quality, road conditions, traffic, water, rare, threatened or endangered species, historical or archaeological inventories, and wetland and forest delineations.

During this time, it is essential to involve the neighboring community. The Marketing Department’s community outreach includes mailings, notices and community meetings, and is a critical part of the process. It is our intent to include the affected neighbors on a continuing basis so that their ideas and concerns are considered before and during the planning process.

At the actual hearing, the visible support given by Chaney employees further reinforces our position and company strength. Everything comes together in a well orchestrated presentation designed to elicit a favorable response from the decision makers. This is our standard operating procedure and has served us well, is another example of the Chaney Team working together to achieve sustainable growth.

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