Date: May 21, 2013

News - Pervious Concrete – The Umbrella for the Rain Tax


With the Maryland’s Watershed Protection and Restoration law, known as the Rain Tax, coming into force July 1 of this year, nearly everyone in the state will be paying up. A significant part of the program will be mapping and assessing impervious surfaces—patios, driveways, paved paths, roofs and paved parking areas. For residents, the impact will be felt; but for businesses—that are housed in large, commercial structures with flat roofs and lots of parking—the costs could be devastating.

Chaney Enterprises has two products that can help you reduce your impervious surface footprint: Drain-Crete Pervious Concrete and our certified specialty bioretention materials                                         

Storm water management practices and Pervious Concrete are both functional and creative ways to reduce your tax costs, while providing a meaningful way to protect the Bay.

Pervious concrete permits rain to pass through the pavement and directly into the soil which replenishes groundwater, eliminates runoff into local watersheds and satisfies EPA regulatory requirements. It can be used in place of stormwater retention ponds, or as a supplement to existing stormwater retention practices. Pervious Concrete is extremely safe for the environment by providing more air and water to trees and plants, filtering out water-borne pollutants. These are all qualities that make this innovative concrete mix design a great asset to helping the Chesapeake Bay.

Pervious concrete paving can be easily complimented by bioretention landscaping that is both beautiful and environmentally friendly. Joining with Luck Ecosystems, Chaney Enterprises can now produce special blends of materials for bioretention projects. Luck Ecosystems has a proven track record in manufacturing products for beautiful and sustainable bioretention applications, including rain gardens, tree and shrub pits, and parking lot islands and perimeters. These bioretention practices are successful means for reducing stormwater runoff while filtering pollutants and improving air quality. As a team, Chaney and Luck Ecosystems have SHA specification 920.01.05 and MDE specification B.4.1 in stock and ready for pickup or delivery. We also have the ability to create custom blends to your exact proportions.

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