Date: May 24, 2013

News - Certified Bioretention Materials Available


Chaney Enterprises and Luck Ecosystems have joined together to produce special blends of materials for all your Bioretention/Rain Garden projects. We specialize in quality engineered soils and mineral formulations for the green industry. 
Bioretention materials allow you to treat stormwater by collecting water on the surface, filtering out solids and sediment at the mulch layer and allowing the water to enter the plant and soil layer at a slower rate to enhance pollutant removal. This method is effective at reducing runoff volume, filtering out pollutants, recharging ground water by infiltration, enhancing aesthetics and providing habitat. We have SHA specification 920.01.05 and MDE specification B.4.1 in stock and ready for pickup at our Waldorf, MD Plant.
Need a custom blend? No problem, we can handle that too. We have the ability to create custom blends to exact proportions. Give us your specifications and we will blend it and have it waiting for you. To order call (888) 864-8101.

Certified Bioretention Materials Available

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