Date: May 30, 2013

News - Quiet Waters Park Wins ACI Award

The American Concrete Institute (ACI) recently honored Chaney Enterprises with its “Excellence in Concrete” Award in the sustainability category for Quiet Waters Park Garrett’s Light Butterfly and Watershed Education Experience pocket park project in Annapolis. The projects selected by the ACI represent the best concept, originality and application of concrete in construction and renovation projects. The project can also reflect the advancement of knowledge and practices in the field of concrete. Various project categories are reviewed and adjudicated.

The pocket park project in Annapolis spans 12,000 square feet near the park’s visitor center. The project actively deals with storm water runoff issues with its bioretention rain gardens, step pools and bios wales joined together by Pervious Concrete walkways and an outdoor education classroom. Chaney Enterprises donated 28 cubic yards of Pervious Concrete and aggregates for the project.

Quiet Waters Park Wins ACI Award

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