Date: March 29, 2002

News - Hard Bargain Farms’ Commitment to Area Children and the Environment is Acknowledged by Chaney Enterprises

Hard Bargain Farm is recognized by Chaney Enterprises through their advancement of the Environmental Center. Chaney Enterprises’ support of local non-profit organizations is a driving force in Chaney Enterprises’ philosophy on community involvement. During the development of the Hard Bargain Farm, Chaney Enterprises provided monetary support in order to improve the facilities. This donation will allow children to attend Hard Bargain Farm without having to absorb the cost of maintenance of the farm.

The Hard Bargain Farm Environmental Center is a 330-acre working farm, located on the Southern Maryland shores of the Potomac River. Hard Bargain Farm has developed a cooperative program that teaches environmental education and preservation to more than 10,000 area students each year. Children explore a working farm, woods and wetland on exciting field trips to the Farm. The award winning programs empower children by teaching them the importance of preserving the environment and showing them how they can have a positive influence on their world.

Chaney Enterprises, a family owned, local construction materials and supply company, endeavors to work together with local non-profit organizations that are committed to the well being of the community. It is up to all of us to see that children have the means to be educated on some of the most important facets of life, including environmental responsibility and conservation. Hard Bargain Farm together with help from corporate donators like Chaney Enterprises will improve student knowledge and understanding of the Potomac watershed and foster environmentally responsible behavior.

There are many organizations that Chaney Enterprises is fortunate enough to be involved with and Hard Bargain Farm is no exception. When an organization shows such commitment and attention to children, communities, and the environment; their efforts to improve their facilities do not go overlooked by Chaney Enterprises.

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