Date: May 1, 2002

News - Chaney Enterprises Combines Business and Community To Create The Perfect Mix

For Chaney Enterprises’ employees, Construction Materials and Supplies and Community Support is their business. Established 40 years ago by Eugene “Babe” Chaney, Sr., Chaney Enterprises has grown from a group of four people to almost 300 employees.

Headquartered in Charles County, Chaney Enterprises serves the surrounding counties of Prince George’s, Anne Arundel, Calvert, and St. Mary’s, as well as parts of Washington, D.C. Additionally, the business serves customers through partnerships in Virginia, Frederick, and the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Until about 10 years ago, each division of the company had a different name, but now each division-concrete; sand, gravel, and stone; concrete block; and construction materials and supplies-all fall under the Chaney Enterprises name.

This year Chaney Enterprises added a Hardscape Center to focus on serving contractors and homeowners with supplies that create landscapes using retaining walls; decorative aggregate and stone; and stamped and Decorative concrete-concrete that looks like natural products, like slate or wood, which is used for places like patios and driveways.

“Chaney is Your One Stop Shop™,” said Jessica Gallimore, Marketing Administrator for Chaney Enterprises. “Our Philosophy, and has been since the beginning, is to provide our customers, contractors or homeowners, with Outstanding People, Quality Products, and Superior Service, with the convenience of going to one place.”

It’s About More Than Money

Along with their focus on serving their customers, Chaney Enterprises also has a focus on helping provide a better quality of life for the communities in which they do business. This is done through their philanthropic arm, The Chaney Foundation.

“The Chaney Foundation is our commitment to the community. Four percent of our net profits go to the foundation to be distributed to worthy organizations that better the quality of life in Maryland,” Gallimore said.

At last count, the company has given to more than 180 charitable organizations and is the largest single one-day event contributor to the American Cancer Society on a continual basis since 1980. This year’s American Cancer Society Bull and Oyster Roast is scheduled for October 12.

Currently they have a program that provides scholarships to high school students in the tri-county area who want to further their careers in building trades, drafting, design, or construction management. To qualify, a student must show financial need; community and school involvement; leadership; and scholastic achievement, which includes a 3.00 GPA or better.

“I believe if a company is based on the right things, it will prosper,” Gallimore said. “Chaney Enterprises is in the business of giving back.”

According to Gallimore, clearly Chaney Enterprises is not just in it for the profit. They are in it for their customers’ and communities’ needs. “If we were only focused on what we need, we would not be here today,” she said.

Then To Now

The formerly known Charles County Sand and Gravel Company was incorporated in Charles County, Maryland on January 29, 1962 by Eugene “Babe” Chaney, a man with a dream and the courage to risk all he had to make it happen. The first significant contract Charles County Sand and Gravel received was to supply Prince George’s County with gravel in 1962. Late in 1962 Eugene “Babe” Chaney and his son Richard “Dicky” Chaney founded the Charles County Concrete Company. By the end of 1962, each of these companies had one plant and five trucks. Eventually the business grew to four people-Eugene “Babe” Chaney, Jack Havenner, “Genie Boy” Walker and John Wesley Jones.

From that meager beginning, Chaney Enterprises now has 7 Ready Mix Concrete Plants, 4 Sand and Gravel Facilities, 2 automated Concrete Block production plants, a 19,000 square foot contractor grade construction materials and supplies store, and a Hardscape Showcase Center. Chaney Enterprises has more than 250 pieces of construction equipment and almost 300 employees.

Chaney Enterprises recognizes that their employees are their greatest strength. In light of this belief, Chaney Enterprises emphasizes the development of their employees through mandatory, as well as voluntary participation in continuing education programs. Continuous improvement in people, products, and service is of paramount importance to Chaney Enterprises.

To stay on the pulse of what is happening in the industry and community, Chaney Enterprises managers and sales representatives are required to participate in an industry and community based organization. These organizations help Chaney Enterprises affect the direction of their industry and communities, so that their customers’ and communities’ needs are heard.

“We are not a company that sits back and waits for thing to happen,” she said. Frank Chaney, chairman of the board of Chaney Enterprises, is committed to thinking futuristically to see that the growing demands of Chaney Enterprises industry and communities are served.

In addition, Chaney holds “Town Meetings” several times per year, designed to provide employees updated information on the company’s performance, new projects, the industry in general, and to discuss questions or concerns employees may have.

If They Dig It Up, They Fix It Up

Known as reclamation, Chaney Enterprises makes sure that for every area they utilize, they reclaim-put land back to a useful state. Chaney Enterprises has restored their mineral reserves into useful areas, like the wetlands on Route 5, soccer fields, a golf course in Davidsonville, communities and agricultural and farm land. Chaney Enterprises ensures the land is usable for future generations.

The Circle Is Complete

“Chaney Enterprises is driven by employees that love to work here,” Gallimore said. “It’s not just family owned, everyone cares about each other. Its like a large family working hard toward the same goal.”

“The company is where it is today because of its history. The foundation of seeing that your dreams come to reality, working hard, being committed to success, and caring for and giving to others were properly laid for Chaney Enterprises by Eugene “Babe” Chaney and Richard “Dicky” Chaney. These beliefs and core values are what we believe is the proper way to do business,” she said.

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