Date: November 1, 1999

News - Chaney Enterprises Accepts Awards From The National Aggregates Association

At an awards banquet in San Francisco, on January 17th, CEO of Chaney Enterprises, Frank Chaney, accepted three awards from the National Aggregates Association in the areas of Community Education, Community Service, and Local Material. The National Aggregates Association (NAA) has created these three awards in an effort to acknowledge the outstanding efforts made by the businesses in the Aggregates Industry.

Chaney Enterprises was chosen as first place winner of the NAA Excellence in Community Education Award for their creation and implementation of the annual C.A.S.T. (Career and Student Together) field trip. C.A.S.T. is a career and technology education and life skills program, in the Southern Maryland area, that helps special education students learn how to live independently and make decisions about the world of work. This annual field trip is a way for Chaney Enterprises to become partners with C.A.S.T. in an effort to provide the students with knowledge of the occupations that are available for them in the supply industry. This field trip consists of an extensive look at Chaney Enterprises’ different departments along with a detailed description of how each function, what type of skills are needed to operate them, and what resources each department needs to accomplish their goal.

An Honorable Mention was presented to Chaney Enterprises from NAA for the Excellence in Community Service Award. This award recognized Chaney Enterprises for their support of the United Way through donations, employee contributions of time in “The Day of Caring,” employee participation in fundraising programs, and the promotional efforts produced by the decals placed on Chaney Enterprises’ mixer trucks.

The Pantheon Award in the category of Local Material was awarded to Chaney Enterprises for a local project that incorporated one of their concrete mixes. The exposed aggregate driveway was judged according to the materials color, consistency and the aesthetic value of the final product. This was all made possible by the combination of Chaney Enterprises material and the professional flat-working and construction skills produced by Kenny Vanhornbeck Concrete and Jay Bowen Construction.

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