Date: October 14, 2005

News - Catch the Spirit: 2005 Annual Bull Roast

What a phenomenal event!!! Who would have thought that with a down pour of rain, our Bull Roast still encouraged 897 people to come out- which is only 60 less people than last year. With the help of so many people within Chaney Enterprises, the Bull Roast was quickly organized so that it would accommodate our guests in the rain. Many thought this would put a damper on everyone's spirits, but in fact, people commented that bringing everyone closer together under tents and within the building actually made for more camaraderie and a more enjoyable time. Our guests enjoyed delicious food and beverages, music, games of chance, and rides on a bucking bull.

Many thanks went to all who donated items, volunteered, and attended this Bull Roast. Specifically we could not have had the Bull Roast without the help of SMECO, who at the last minute brought their propane cookers because the flame of our pit was put out by the rain.

The flame was surely not put out on everyone's charitable hearts. This is evident by the increase in funds raised. It all started with an increase in ticket sales before the event, followed up by an increase in money spent on the activities for the day, and then by the overall donation to the American Cancer Society. Preliminary reports show that during this one day event, we raised $64,537, an increase in $7,772.00 over last year.

Once again this Bull Roast fulfilled its goal of communicating that we are serious about helping the community and developing better/stronger relationships in the effort to help the fight against cancer.

Lorrie Tippett and Brooke Stevenson help a guest at the Big Six Wheel.
Lorrie Tippett and Brooke Stevenson help a guest at the Big Six Wheel.

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