Date: April 1, 2010

News - Are You Ready to Pave?

I was recently reading a memo from the Maryland State Highway Administration about liquid asphalt pricing. I remember in school being told that price was a matter of mixing price and demand. If demand went up, then so did the price, if supply went up, the down would come the price. I was shocked to learn that the November price for liquid asphalt was $413 and it continued to skyrocket throughout the winter (with no demand) to $501 in March. Something is certainly happening.

This summer could very well be the beginning of a big opportunity for concrete paving. If you are a contractor, will you be ready to pave? If you are developer or engineer, will you be ready with the latest from updates from the American Concrete Institute to benefit from of all of concrete’s advantages? Concrete has long been a leader in paving, but some owners have had trouble with the initial costs. Now that initial cost difference has eroded and all indications are that it will dramatically reverse!

Typically we used to have to wait three to five years to enjoy the cost advantages of concrete in reduced maintenance, lower lighting bills and reduced ambient temperatures. Now, we can begin to enjoy those cost benefits along with the aesthetic ones the moment we open up for traffic.

This material cost advantage comes at a great time when paving practices have improved efficiency and modern admixtures can help the concrete perform to the most demanding specifications. Environmental pressures have pushed us to have greener pavements and now it is easier than ever to use concrete, the greenest of pavements.

Concrete is not just for new construction. concrete overlays commonly called whitetoppping have been gaining in popularity across the country for both parking lots and roadways. Thin concrete overlays can go right over old and deteriorated asphalt pavements.

The market is about to change. Are you ready to pave? At Chaney Enterprises, we are ready with quality mix designs, on-time, professional drivers and the newest fleet of trucks around. We are ready to pave.

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