Date: April 1, 2010

News - Customers Learn How to Save Time and Money with Flowable Fill and Self-Consolidating Concrete

Everyone wants to do more with less, especially in tough economic times. That’s why 20 of our customers came to the Chaney University on February 17 for two free training opportunities aimed to improve the efficiency and quality of concrete construction projects while cutting costs.
Dave Barber of Grace Construction Products taught the class “Self Consolidating Concrete (SCC): Get More Done in Less Time,” showing that SCC’s fluidity allows it to save time and effort by flowing into even the most heavily reinforced areas without any vibration and without comprising the mix strength. At the end of the class, attendees saw SCC firsthand with a demonstration in our technical services lab.

The morning ended with the class “Save Money with Flowable Fill,” led by Tom Evans of the Maryland Ready Mix Concrete Association. Evans demonstrated that Flowable Fill—a unique mix of cement, sand, water and fly ash—is a better alternative to traditional fill that will meet the needs of any backfill job while simplifying construction and saving money.

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