Date: April 1, 2010

News - Old Man Winter Hits Maryland Hard

After record snowfalls hit Maryland in early February, local communities asked for our help to dig out. Chaney Enterprises responded in force with seven wheel loaders and fifteen dump trucks to help clear the roadways. 

Both of the loaders from Waldorf Yard worked for the Town of LaPlata and the concrete production facilities loaders from Hollywood, Upper Marlboro, Seat Pleasant, Bestgate and Salisbury worked for Anne Arundel County’s Central and Southern Road Districts.
Snow Operations began Saturday February 6th at 8:00 a.m. and continued until Monday February 15th at 6 a.m. 

The personnel working on the snow plowing efforts consisted of Kenny Walker (Waldorf Shop), John Sweeny (Bestgate CDP), Ray Walker (Waldorf Yard Loader Operator), Sonny Morris (Morris Trucking), Ronnie “Cujo” Steward (Seat Pleasant Plant Manager) , Andy Ball (B&B Welding), Bill Hawk (Hollywood CDP), Bobby Hopkins (McKay Mining Site Excavator Operator), Sam Sharps (Waldorf Sand & Gravel Plant Operator), Dickie Phipps (Southern Materials Loader Operator), Tommy Fisher (Hollywood Yard Operator), Chris Ledman (Hollywood CDP), Mike Carpenter (Upper Marlboro Plant Manager), Glen Bowling (CE Concrete Division), and Bud Tarbox (Waldorf Batch Plant). 

This effort was supported by Ben Wilkinson (Mining Manager), Bobby Tippett and Joseph “Bunny” Turner (Bestgate Shop), Chris Bunn, and Bill Childs. 

We burned 2,800 gallons of fuel logging a total of 560 hours pushing snow and clearing an estimated 1,250 miles of roadways. 

Chaney Enterprises Dump Division also came out in force. They were directed by Richard Johnson, the ADP Mentor Driver. He safely led his crew in their efforts to haul road salt from the Port of Baltimore to Charles County. Many thanks go out to Vince Neclos (ADP), Harry Jeter (ADP), Chris Pikolycky (ADP), Sam Brown (ADP), Bonny Tompkins (ADP), John Washington (ADP), Eduardo Morris (ADP), Danny Willis (ADP), Tommy Kendall (ADP), Terry Lang (ADP), Munir Yousfi (Waldorf CPD), Mike Steward (Waldorf CDP), Kenny Bannister (Seat Pleasant CDP), and Tony Monfort (Waldorf CDP). 

This effort was supported by Jamey Modlin (Customer Service Manager), Billy Mancuso (Safety Director), Jeff Cooksey, Terry Painter and Mark Drury of the Waldorf Shop. 

The dump truck crew logged 700 working hours and traveled more than 11,000 miles in 88 trips to deliver 1,760 tons of salt to the Charles County Salt Dome off of Radio Station Road and in five trips hauling 100 tons of salt to the Town of LaPlata’s salt dome on Old Washington Avenue. 

These crews sacrificed time with their families and worked around the clock. While working, they missed the Super Bowl, the opening of the Winter Olympics, Valentine’s Day, the Daytona 500 and the airing the Chaney’s involvement in Extreme Makeover: Home Edition to make the streets passable. 

And in the middle of all this, congratulations go out to Tommy and Carolyn Fisher on the birth of their son John Talbott after Tommy worked 30 hours over the first weekend! 

Everyone’s efforts were greatly appreciated for a job very well done. You worked together and looked out for each other while operating under some very difficult circumstances. 

Many thanks go out to the “Get It Done” Crew of the Blizzard of 2010.

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