Fredericksburg, VA Sand and Gravel

Sitting right on Route 17 just outside of Fredericksburg, VA, Moss Neck Sand and Gravel is a state of the art plant that can produce over half a million tons of aggregate per year. 

With over 500 mineable acres, you can count on Chaney to keep producing what you need, when you need it, year after year.

Four grades of highly tested, in spec sand and river washed gravel are ready right now.

  • C-33 concrete sand
  • Pea gravel
  • 3/4 gravel
  • 2 inch gravel

Moss Neck Sand and Gravel
19198 Tidewater Trail, Woodford, VA 22580

Call 540-710-0075 for orders.

Sand and Gravel in Fredericksburg, VA