Waldorf-MD Sand & Gravel

Our Waldorf, MD sand and gravel location carries many types of Sand, Gravel, and Stone available for pick-up or delivery. Inventories vary from day to day, so please call ahead to confirm availability for pick-ups.

MDSHA Approved GAB now available for projects all over the state of Maryland.  Our GAB meets the MDSHA requirements from Table 901A & 901B from the newly published 2017 MDSHA spec book.  Our QA/QC Technicians are now MDSHA Certified Aggregate Technicians so that GAB can be tested and certified before and during shipping.

Concrete Sand
Mason Sand

Screened Tailings
2" Washed Gravel
Pea Gravel
Pea Mix
3/4" Washed Gravel

#57 Bluestone
#57 Whitestone
#67 Bluestone
#2 Bluestone
#8 Bluestone
CR6 Bluestone
CR8 Bluestone
#7 Bluestone
White CR6
Gabion Stone 4-8"
Class 1 Kickoff 8-15"
White Mason Sand
Class 1 riprap 15-20"
#10 Stone dust

Recycled Concrete
Recycled 3-5"
Recycled RC6
Recycled 2" 

Waldorf-MD Sand & Gravel
12475 Acton Lane, Waldorf, MD 20601

Call 301-932-5000 for orders.

Waldorf Quarry Sand Gravel Stone

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Paul Burnett

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