Date: October 3, 2011

News - The Concrete Store Goes Online

The Concrete Store at Chaney Enterprises has launched a new online catalog service to everything contractors need to get the job done.

Many items have pictures, training documents, videos, MSDS sheets, descriptions and helpful tips. Customers can fill the TCS quote bucket with individual items and get a custom quote for any upcoming jobs. Customers have the ability to special order supplies and equipment, too, through the online catalog.

“More products are being added every day, so if you don’t find what you are looking for, let The Concrete Store know and we will get you prices,” said Sabrina Largen, manager of The Concrete Store. “With time and cost so important to our customers, we are excited to have this great tool available to them, 24/7,” she added.

To begin your search, customers go to the Chaney Enterprises website, select “Products,” and follow the link to The Concrete Store. Largen welcomes customer feedback to ensure this new tool stays current and active, and can be sent by e-mail to The Concrete store can also be reached at 301-932-5022.

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