Date: March 18, 2016

Improving the Journey - Dover Bridge Project

Dover Bridge Concrete

The Dover Bridge project alongside of Maryland Route 331 spanning over the Choptank is well underway.  Chaney Enterprises is supplying all of the concrete while working with McLean Contracting Company who was awarded the contract from the Maryland State Highway Administration.  McLean has extensive experience in the heavy construction industry for over a century, particularly marine construction along with a bridge portfolio that goes on for miles.  Chaney was selected as the concrete supplier for this job because of the quality and service we can provide.  With two ready-mix concrete plants close to the project and a large quality control team available for every pour, we are the best company for the job.

Originally constructed in 1932 with two 12 foot lanes and no shoulders, this bridge has been supporting over 11,000 vehicles daily traveling between Talbot and Caroline counties but has since reached the end of its lifespan. 

Once completed, the new modern 2,021 foot long, 44 foot wide, and 50 foot high bridge will consist of concrete granite lined river foundations supported by 48 inch steel pipe piles and along with much needed eight-foot shoulders.  The substructure will have hammerhead caps and columns with architectural concrete.  The superstructure consists of haunched structural steel girders over the river and adjacent spans.  The approach spans over the marshland are founded on 36-inch steel pipe piles with concrete caps and prestressed concrete girders.

The new bridge is being built beside the old one which will be restored to the point where pedestrians and bicyclists will only be allowed for its use.  To minimize the impact to nearby tributaries and the Choptank, the new bridge will be aligned approximately 30 feet above the existing bridge and as close to the original bridge’s footprint as possible.

The official opening of the Dover Bridge is expected to be anywhere from late 2018 to early 2019 with an entire project cost of $47.9 million.