Date: March 1, 2016

News - Chaney Trio Brings Home Heavy Hitters Award

Three members of the Chaney Enterprises team scored big when their efforts in introducing roller compacted concrete (RCC) to the marketplace earned them a coveted Maryland Ready Mix Concrete Association Heavy Hitter award. Each year at its annual meeting, MRMCA recognizes members for contributions and accomplishments that go above and beyond in helping to advance the use of sustainable concrete. Winners take home an award in the form of a custom cast concrete baseball bat.

Scoring big for the Chaney team were Ron Terrelonge, Steven Tripp and Tom Harris. Chaney President & CEO William F. Childs, IV said the combined efforts of these three employees helped the company make great strides in bringing more RCC to Maryland area projects.

Representing the future of paving, the RCC product shares properties of both asphalt and concrete: the fast/cheap/easy characteristics of asphalt along with the strength, durability and environmental features of concrete.

“This team of dedicated employees really did an outstanding and very thorough job,” Childs said. “They worked closely with the State Highway Administration to develop specifications and carry out field placement trials.” 

The three also worked with contractors, civil engineers and private developers to cultivate interest in RCC, and then helped bring them up to speed on best practices and techniques for using the product.  

“All of their hard work and diligence really paid off,” said Childs. “Thanks to their dedicated efforts, Chaney Enterprises placed 1,000 cubic yards of RCC during 2015.”

Terrelonge joined the Chaney family in 2014 as its technical services manager. Tripp, who last earned a Heavy Hitter Award in 2013 for his work in promoting the use of concrete, is Chaney’s marketing manager. Harris is a sales representative covering Charles and St. Mary’s counties.

MRMCA is a Maryland trade association representing ready-mixed concrete suppliers and contractors across Maryland promoting the use of concrete as a preferred material for pavements and structures.

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