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With over 1,500 mix designs, Chaney Enterprises has the ready-mix concrete for your project.

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To produce our award-winning ready-mix concrete, Chaney Enterprises employs the latest production mixing and testing technology. Our mixes range from 50 to 10,000 plus PSI — and with more than 1,500 different concrete mixes, we can meet the mix requirements of any specified job! 

ChaneyCrete is our exclusive brand of concrete mixes. ChaneyCrete mixes improve workability, are more durable than regular concrete and provide better value for your construction dollar. 

Commonly requested ChaneyCrete Mixes:

  • Footer Mix
  • Wall Mix
  • Interior Slab-on-Grade Mix
  • Exterior Slab-on-Grade Mix.


Why Use Concrete?


Concrete Applications


Admixtures & Fibers

Admixtures are materials you can add to concrete for additional benefits including strength and durability. 

Some of our most popular admixtures: 

Every Day Admix 

  • Water Reducer  
  • High Range Water Reducer - Super Plasticizer (AKA Super P: for high slump mixes) 
  • Air Entrainment (in all exterior concrete) 
  • Carbon Cure (Carbon Footprint Reduction) 

Seasonal Admix 

  • Accelerator (Winter) 
  • Retarder / Hydration Stabilizer (Summer) 
  • Ice (Summer) 


  • Mitigate shrinkage & cracking. Fibers replace welded wire mesh and rebar. 

Spec Work & Specialty Admix 

  • Shrinkage Reducing Admix  
  • Corrosion Inhibitor (reduces internal corrosion on jobs with a lot of rebar) 
  • Rheology Modifying Admix (used in pervious concrete
  • Viscosity Modifying Admix (used in applications like Self Consolidating Concrete