Date: July 1, 2009

News - Concrete Paving: The Future is Bright

I had the chance to head out on a little vacation this summer to visit my wife’s family in Utah. On my last day of vacation my wife shook her head as I pulled the car over, grabbed the camera, and took a picture of the third road construction project I stumbled across where there was a full depth replacement of the old asphalt roadway with concrete paving.

One project was on a state highway and the other two on local roads. I have now seen the other side of our concrete paving promotion efforts and the future looks bright! Throughout my entire vacation as I looked at what was under my tires, easily more than half of all paving (commercial parking, private driveways and local and state roads) was concrete paving. We truly can be increasing our business in an economic downturn.

What can we do to increase the use of concrete paving in Maryland?

Talk the Talk 
We need to make sure that in as many conversations as we have, we are constantly talking about the environmental and economic advantages of concrete paving. This can be with other industry professionals, but it can also be with our friends, family, and neighbors. We have to start working on changing the mindset of everyone around us.

Walk the Walk
What is your driveway made out of? Are you looking at specifications that are prescriptive based (materials) or performance and results based? Do we have the right equipment and people to be ready for big paving jobs?

As I took pictures of asphalt being torn up and concrete being put down it inspired me to re-double my efforts and focus more on sharing what we all know about concrete paving. The paving future is as bright as we are willing to make it, but it will take all of us working together.

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