Date: July 17, 2009

News - Chaney Enterprises Adds Biofuels to Operations



WALDORF, MD—July 17, 2009—Chaney Enterprises announced today that it has signed a biofuel sales contract with New Generation Biofuels Holdings, Inc., a renewable fuels provider.


This contract is the first opportunity for New Generation Biofuels in the concrete industry.  Chaney Enterprises will initially replace fossil fuel oil with the renewable biofuel in their Infern-O-Therm hot water boilers. In addition to the boilers, Chaney Enterprises will ultimately use biofuel in their many off-road vehicles.  


“The renewable nature of biofuel allows us to reduce the carbon footprint of every cubic yard of concrete we ship with something as easy as switching our boiler fuel over from fossil fuels to biofuel,” said Bill Childs, President and CEO of Chaney Enterprises. “It was an easy decision to make the switch.” 


“Chaney Enterprises has a reputation for being proactive and caring for the environment. We are delighted to be associated with Chaney and look forward to helping them reduce their carbon footprint and emissions,” said Cary Claiborne, CEO of New Generation Biofuels.


This is one of many green initiatives for Chaney Enterprises.  Not only is concrete remarkably green in its planet cooling properties, durability and recycled content, but many of the practices Chaney Enterprises uses to produce concrete—including mining, water reuse and even reusing motor oil to heat the fleet maintenance shop—all contribute to its ongoing environmental strategies.  Additionally Chaney Enterprises hosts an annual Greenfest which offers the public the chance to see and tour their mining, refining and concrete operations and the unique methods used to have a sustainable operation.


“You can’t just have a little office recycling and say that you’re green anymore,” said Bill Childs.  “We are looking for ways to improve in every facet of our company.  We are only just beginning.”


Next on the horizon for Chaney Enterprises is the Green-Star Program from the National Ready Mix Concrete Association which certified concrete manufacturing plants for improved sustainability.  Not only does this program improve the environment, but has the added benefits of increasing efficiency and profits.



About New Generation Biofuels Holdings, Inc.


New Generation Biofuels is a renewable fuels provider. They hold an exclusive license for North America, Central America and the Caribbean to commercialize proprietary technology to manufacture alternative biofuels from vegetable oils and animal fats that it markets as a new class of biofuel for a multitude of applications, including power generation, commercial and industrial heating and marine use.  The company believes that its proprietary biofuel can provide a lower cost, renewable alternative energy source with significantly lower emissions than traditional fuels. NGBF’s business model calls for establishing direct sales from manufacturing plants that it may purchase or build and sublicensing its technology to qualified licensees. For more information visit




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