Date: August 30, 2007

News - Chaney Enterprises Takes Innovative Approach to Subdivision

When a prime piece of real estate came on the market in one of the fastest growing areas in Waldorf, MD, Chaney Enterprises immediately realized that such opportunities don't occur often. While remaining environmentally conscious, Chaney Enterprises has earned a well-deserved reputation for purchasing parcels of land, mining it for material before reclaiming for possible development or use by the community.

Realizing that the parcel of land did not contain enough material to economically mine, building a profitable concrete-centered community was the next prime consideration. In addition to the foundations, North Pointe homes feature stamped and Decorative concrete sidewalks and driveways that many buyers have to be convinced are not brick or traditional paving stones. Complete with an access road constructed by Chaney Enterprises, the project ensures a steady stream of onlookers providing the overall effect of a superior show-and-tell opportunity for the world's most versatile building material.

"When giving facility tours, we try to end the tour at North Pointe" Steve Tripp, Marketing Manager of Chaney Enterprises related. "It's a great thing to show people that what starts with a grain of sand ends up looking like this. People are very impressed."

Chaney Enterprises is a construction materials supplier servicing all of Mid-Atlantic region with concrete, sand, gravel and stone, and construction materials and supplies. The company operates seven ready mix concrete plants, four sand and gravel facilities, and a 19,000-square-foot contractor-grade construction materials supply store throughout the State of Maryland.

Chaney Enterprises Takes Innovative Approach to Subdivision

Chaney Enterprises Takes Innovative Approach to Subdivision

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