Date: April 5, 2011

News - Chaney Enterprises First in U.S. To Launch Next Generation of Concrete Mixers

Waldorf, MD – Chaney Enterprises unveiled the newest concrete mixer in the nation, with the most advanced technology available, at the 2011 National Ready Mix Concrete Association World of Concrete in Las Vegas last month.

Engineering the new mixers took nine months in design with Continental Truck to meet operational specifications while complying with 2010 emission requirements. The new truck engines include selective catalytic reductions, which significantly increase the overall weight of the mixer truck. This added weight posed a challenge in designing a mixer that still maintained mixer payload levels.

“We worked hard to build a mixer that maintains all current features we require while improving performance, and engineering out any recurring maintenance issues we historically faced with the current mixer fleet. We were successful in achieving all of our goals without compromising any features,” said David Williams, Chaney Enterprises concrete and fleet operations manager.

The new features are a cutting edge, lightweight “steel” mixer drum and pedestal, feature the same 165-gallon water tank capacity as the current fleet, a third add-on chute and 16 extra gallons of fuel capacity. With the extended reach of three add-on chutes, the design also incorporated electrically-adjusted mirrors so the concrete delivery professionals can flip a switch and see the end of the chutes while fully extended out either side of the mixer. Also incorporated are numerous additional features making daily operations and maintenance procedures simpler.

By not compromising payload and adding features like electronic mirrors and additional shuts, these trucks will enable customer to unload faster and safer. This means that construction crews and Chaney Enterprises can work more efficiently and save money, while also being more environmentally friendly. Steven Tripp, marketing manager for Chaney Enterprises explained, “Chaney Enterprises believes that doing the right thing is not a choice between profit or people, or the planet. We owe it to our neighbors, employees and customers to pursue all and these new trucks are one of many steps in that direction.”

Williams, who lead the design and specifications for Chaney Enterprises, also implemented many new techniques with how the truck is constructed. The mixers will load at a slower engine speed, saving fuel and reducing fan clutch cycling, which will reduce fan clutch failures and fan belt tensioner issues. “This switch to the new lightweight steel technology does not mean shortened service life due to running thinner metal. Continental has been testing these mixers for the last two years with great success. These trucks represent the absolute latest cutting edge technology available today,” said Williams.

Seven new mixers are in service at the Seat Pleasant, Waldorf, Upper Marlboro, Hollywood and Bestgate concrete mix plants.

Mixer 290 is one of seven new, redesigned, cutting-edge mixers in the nation.
Mixer 290 is one of seven new, redesigned, cutting-edge mixers in the nation.

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