Date: April 18, 2003

News - Chaney Enterprises, A Pillar Of Support For Charles County Communities

Chaney Enterprises, Charles County Chamber of Commerce Business of The Year, is one of the companies in Charles County that is committed to support this community’s needs, growth, and success.

Many people are familiar with the name, Chaney Enterprises, but are not fully aware of its total capacity within the Charles County Community. If a person has not seen Chaney Enterprises at work within the community, they probably aren’t familiar with their steadfast commitment to, first, manufacture and supply quality concrete, concrete block, sand, gravel, stone and construction supplies to help build a safe, environmentally friendly, useful, and aesthetically pleasing community, and, secondly, are not familiar with their unwavering support for the needs of the community through volunteerism and monetary donations.

Neighbors Serving Neighbors is Chaney Enterprises philosophy. It is from the highest of management at Chaney Enterprises that the emphasis to support the community is communicated:

“ Many companies do not recognize their responsibility to the community. We are not and will never be one of those companies. Wherever possible, we must reach out. To name a few areas –our schools, our churches, our young people, and our environment- for which we must continue to do more than our share. A truly successful company must become a part of the community- an insider, not an outsider. Our companies must be assets, not liabilities, for the community. We must help the citizens of Southern Maryland as a whole to attain a BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE.” –Frank Chaney, Chairman of the Board

This theme is also permeated throughout their entire company, through a portion of their mission statement that states, “Chaney Enterprises mission is to…………..realize a reasonable return while continuing our ongoing commitment to our environment and our community.”

As you may see within the community, Chaney Enterprises has upheld this commitment and responsibility. Their area of help and support is broad. Six percent of the company’s net profits are set aside each year for their philanthropic organization, The Chaney Foundation, which distributes the money to charities and organizations throughout Southern Maryland.

The company has given to more than 180 charities. Through the help of their employees, they are an annual organizer of the American Cancer Society’s annual Bull and Oyster Roast, which raised $51,000 in 2002.
Their foundation is the coordinator for their annual Babe and Dick Chaney Memorial Golf Tournament, which raised $94,994 for the American Cancer Society last year.

Chaney also donated $66,000 to the help La Plata recover from the April 2002 tornado, as well as $10,000 to the American Red Cross during that time.

The foundation also operates a program that provides scholarships to high school students in Southern Maryland who want to pursue careers in construction, drafting, design and other building industry jobs.
Behind the scenes, Chaney Enterprises works with government and county officials to reclaim their mine sites to a useful state, so the land is best used for the needs of the surrounding community. Chaney Enterprises has donated approximately 50 acres of reclaimed land to use for Baseball/Softball and Football Fields, in Charles County alone. In 2002 they even donated 5 ½ acres of Charles County wetlands to Governor Glendening’s program to reach a goal of providing 60,000 acres of wetlands to improve Maryland’s environment.

“Chaney Enterprises is in the business of giving back to the communities where it does business. I believe we have shown that if a company is based on the right principles, it will prosper,” said Jessica E. Gallimore, the company’s marketing administrator.

Formerly known as Charles County Sand and Gravel Company, Eugene “Babe” Chaney incorporated his business on January 29, 1962. From that date, and for the next forty-one years, until today, this family owned company has been giving to the communities in which it does business. It is their way of life.

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