Date: November 20, 2007

News - Calverton School Students Visit Chaney Enterprises

Chaney Enterprises recently hosted a tour for students of the Future Business Leaders Group from Calverton School to better understand the business operation of concrete, sand and gravel.

Students began the tour at the Eugene Chaney Training Center to learn about the history of Chaney Enterprises, key safety precautions employees are required to take while working at all of our plants and an overview of the concrete industry. The tour included a visit to the Gardiner Road mining and reclamation site, Sand and Gravel Processing Plant, Concrete Dispatch, Technical Services and Customer Service. Students saw the tip of the iceberg of Chaney Enterprises and how aggregate and concrete operations are conducted and needed in everyday living.

While on the tour students learned about mineral extraction, reclamation and production process, testing of concrete cylinders, Chaney Enterprises community initiatives and how our company operates on a day to day basis. The Customer Service Department showcased our top-notch customer and sales representatives and state of the art real time dashboard system used to monitor concrete operations. Students were able to understand how our trucks and material are monitored and dispatched to provide the best customer service and product possible.

Thank you Billy Mancuso, Bill Stone, Sam Sharps, Glen Bowling, Jan Costinett and everyone else involved that took the time to explain their job and contributions in making Chaney Enterprises a great place to work and do business!

Thank you Calverton School for visiting Chaney Enterprises!

Calverton School Students Visit Chaney Enterprises

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