Date: November 1, 2007

News - North Point High School Students Visit Chaney Enterprises

Chaney Enterprises recently hosted a tour for students from North Point High School to better understand concrete operations.

Students began the tour at the Eugene Chaney Training Center to learn about the history of Chaney Enterprises, key safety precautions employees are required to take while working at all of our plants and an overview of the concrete industry. The tour also included a visit to Concrete Dispatch and Technical Services.

Before coming to Chaney Enterprises for the tour, students were given mix designs that Chaney Enterprises actually uses to create their own concrete test cylinders. Students recreated the concrete mix design at North Point High School and then broke the cylinders at Chaney Enterprises’ Technical Services lab.

Students were anxious to see results about concrete cylinders they had previously made at North Point during the engineering laboratory 28 days ago. "Wow, we got to see our engineering efforts tested," said NPHS students.

“Chaney Enterprises has many products and services to offer not only in Charles County but also in surrounding counties. New innovations in Pervious Concrete were shown to the students by Steven Tripp, Chaney Enterprises Marketing Manager. Safety at Chaney Enterprises is considered a number one priority according to their safety manager who also spoke to the students. Safety awareness was evident though out the entire tour by the students. Safety is not a buzz word, it is practiced,” said Ken Stout, NPHS teacher.

Students saw the tip of the iceberg of Chaney Enterprises and how aggregate and concrete operations are conducted. Thank you Billy Mancuso, Jan Costinett, Mike Hockenberry, Glen Bowling, and Steve Tripp taking the time to explain your job and contributions in making Chaney Enterprises a great place to work and do business!

Thank you North Point High School for visiting Chaney Enterprises!


Mike Hockenberry shows students how to test concrete.
Mike Hockenberry shows students how to test concrete.

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