Date: September 8, 2009

News - Bloomfield Farm Project Wins Second Award

C&D Concrete’s Portland Cement Pervious Concrete Recognized

The Portland Cement Association (PCA) announced the winners of its second annual Sustainable Leadership Awards last month. The Queen Anne’s County Board of County Commissioners received an award for its use of Pervious Concrete at the Whitemarsh Park at Bloomfield Farm.

The Portland cement Pervious Concrete was supplied by C&D Concrete and finished by Z-Con, Inc. The Queen Anne’s County Department of Public Works opted for Pervious Concrete because it is an innovative and environmentally sound storm water management option. This porous concrete permits rain to pass through the pavement and directly into the soil which replenishes groundwater, eliminates runoff in to local watersheds and satisfies EPA regulatory requirements. This product is extremely safe for the environment by providing more air and water to trees and plants, filtering out water-borne pollutants. The 60’ x 200’ parking lot in Centreville was paved in approximately 225 cubic yards of Pervious Concrete. The parking lot provides one of the finest examples of fully-functional Pervious Concrete in the State of Maryland and was the first major Pervious Concrete installation on the Eastern Shore. 

The PCA Sustainable Leadership Awards honors individuals who have enacted policies or completed projects that exemplifies creativity and best practices in using concrete and cement-based products for sustainable applications, according to the PCA website.

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C&D's Portland cement pervious concrete installed by Z-Con, Inc.
C&D's Portland cement pervious concrete installed by Z-Con, Inc.

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