Date: February 15, 2010

News - Concrete Shines at ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’

Chaney Enterprises and partner customers gave their all and showed it during the two-hour special episode of ABC-TV’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” that aired February 14. This was the largest EMHE project to date for the show.

Two houses were demolished and new, "green" homes were constructed within a week.  “Chaney Enterprises and our partners, working around the clock and dealing with many challenges, gave 150 percent toward the completion of the two projects,” said Jan Holt, chief customer officer for Chaney Enterprises. “Both the home and the community center are fabulous structures, and we are proud of the team effort from everyone.” 

To keep the projects moving, a special accelerating admix was included in the concrete. Under normal construction, concrete takes days to cure, or harden. “Time is even more critical for such a specialized mix and once the truck’s mixer drum starts running, the mix must be poured and finished rapidly,” said Mike Hockenberry, manager of Technical Services for Chaney Enterprises. Both Hockenberry and Damian Caprinola, a Chaney Enterprises technical services technician, were on site to monitor all the mixer trucks and concrete pours.
The home for the Tripp family in Hyattsville and The Fishing School community center in the Brentwood neighborhood of Washington, DC, were built concurrently over the week by Burch Builders Group, LLC and G&M Contracting, Inc. Both of Northern Virginia, the two companies led the construction of the projects. Chaney Enterprises and its partnering companies were among several companies in the building industry who volunteered for the week-long demolition and construction. 

The cumulative total donated by Chaney Enterprises, Z CON, Eastern Concrete, Independent Concrete, Increte of Maryland, W.R. Grace, Aaron’s Concrete Pumping, Stone Shooters, Leep Green, Miller & Long and LaFarge is estimated at approximately $100,000. This amount includes concrete, Pervious Concrete, cement, Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs), Decorative concrete, building materials and labor. 

Both the Tripp home and The Fishing School featured many “green” construction elements, including solar panels and various innovations using concrete. Standard concrete, as used in the driveways, is an environmentally friendly material. Not only is concrete is long-lasting and durable, it also reflects light, which reduces lighting needs and heat-island effect. 

Pervious concrete, used on the sidewalk of The Fishing School and as a patio for the Tripp home, allows rainwater to percolate through its small openings instead of creating runoff that leads to erosion and stormwater ponding. Easy to maintain, the durable Pervious Concrete lasts as long as traditional concrete. 

Both structures also used Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs). These foam-framing forms are hollow, so concrete can be poured into the center. ICF buildings realize major reductions in energy costs. ICF also provides outstanding structural strength and integrity. 

Chaney Enterprises is on the leading edge of developing, testing and producing high-quality concrete mixes, such as Pervious Concrete and concrete overlay, for customers throughout the region. The company is a major supplier of ICF and other building materials and is the One Stop Shop™ for construction materials and supplies. Serving Maryland and neighboring Metropolitan DC since 1962, we strive to provide superior, top-quality products as we employ a combination of land management and environmentally friendly practices unsurpassed in the industry. 

"Extreme Makeover: Home Edition," which won back-to-back Emmy Awards for Best Reality Program (non competitive), is entering its 7th season on ABC.

Chaney Enterprises delivered concrete and Aaron's Concrete pumped around the clock during construction of two homes.
Chaney Enterprises delivered concrete and Aaron's Concrete pumped around the clock during construction of two homes.

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