Plant Manager (Richmond, VA)

Chaney Enterprises is seeking an experienced concrete plant manager ensuring efficient operations, quality control, and safety. Drive success with expertise in concrete production. The role is located in our Richmond, VA location.

Essential Functions:

  1. Oversee all plant operations and personnel at assigned plant. Train, develop, and motivate employees toward accomplishing company goals and objectives; perform performance appraisals as required; respond in a timely manner to employee concerns and/or complaints; and keep personnel records accurate and current.
  2. Hold regular meetings with assigned personnel to review safety issues/concerns, provide information and/or training, update on company information.
  3. Ensure that the concrete plant and related equipment is operating properly at all times; inspect plant for greasing and check oil fluid levels; grease & oil as required; keep plant and equipment clean and free of excess material; ensure all material handling equipment is working.
  4. Ensure all vehicles and equipment continually remain in safe and efficient operating condition by monitoring preventative and regular maintenance on vehicles and equipment and ensuring the vehicles are kept neat and clean.
  5. Complete monthly truck audits on all vehicles at assigned plant.
  6. Maintain adequate levels of all supplies and products (i.e., fuel, cement, admixtures, fibermesh, etc.) and maintain accurate and current reports as required.
  7. Coordinate scheduling with Dispatch and monitor driver activity to ensure customer needs are being met in an efficient manner.
  8. Assist Sales and Dispatch in servicing customers by addressing specific problems, providing advice and assistance to customers as needed, and responding to complaints and concerns in a timely manner.
  9. Take samples and perform tests as necessary and complete required documentation/reports. Inform Technical Services of any quality problems that need resolving.
  10. Collect COD monies and tickets. Complete all required documentation and deposits accurately and timely.
  11. Ensure that company safety regulations and policies are followed at all times. Ensure employees have and wear required PPE. Notify the Regional Concrete Operations Manager and the Safety Manager immediately of any potential or current safety problems.
  12. Ensure that proper procedures are followed and documentation is completed after an accident or injury occurs. Notify Safety Department as required.
  13. In an emergency or disaster, the Concrete Plant Manager is responsible for alerting others and leading an evacuation if needed at assigned facility/location.
  14. Ensure that all company environmental regulations and policies are followed and notify the Regional Concrete Operations Manager and Land Development immediately of any potential or current environmental problems.
  15. Respond in a timely and courteous manner to all concerns and complaints from residents living near company operations or forward issue to appropriate manager for response and resolution.
  16. Other duties as assigned.