Quality Control Technician (Northern Virginia)

The Technical Service/Quality Control Technician implements and complies with quality assurance methods and procedures to ensure products and materials are produced in accordance with specifications.

Essential Functions:

  1. Perform specimen tests of concrete from random loads or for special jobs or mixes; prepare test reports as required.
  2. Oversee unique jobs to ensure product standards are met, i.e., jobs that have restrictive specifications or require large quantities of material to be delivered.
  3. Perform aggregates and batch plants tests including daily graduation and moisture tests on all concrete being produced for State and spec projects.
  4. Certify concrete loads being delivered to "spec" jobs in accordance with SHA specifications; check loads for proper procedure and time of mixing.
  5. Perform quality assurance tests on trial batches of new concrete mix designs under close tolerance conditions and make adjustments until mixture meets specifications.
  6. Troubleshoot problems with customers, analyze and evaluate specific conditions, situations, quantities, etc., and provide appropriate resolution.
  7. Provide technical assistance and training to plant managers, equipment and yard operators, and drivers when requested.
  8. Perform laboratory tests including gradation, moisture, lightweight particles and specific gravity tests on aggregates.
  9. Select samples for materials that need certification by an outside laboratory or that are beyond the department capability. Transport these samples to the testing agency.
  10. Perform additional tasks such as cleaning facilities to ensure safety and cleanliness, moving equipment and materials, and completing tasks for other positions when incumbent is absent.
  11. Assist the Technical Services Manager and Assistant Manager as needed.
  12. Other duties as assigned.