Health & Safety Manager (Gambrills, MD)

Chaney Enterprises places a strong emphasis on maintaining high safety standards and ensuring compliance in all operations. Join our team and play a pivotal role in furthering our commitment to safety.

Location: Maryland

Industry: Preferred experience in Ready-Mix / Aggregate


Role Responsibilities:

- Implement and enforce Chaney Enterprises' safety standards across Maryland, ensuring a consistent and high-level approach to health and safety.

- Provide daily health and safety guidance to regional staff and facilities.

- Lead and develop our EH&S program objectives.

- Conduct regular inspections of facilities for safety and environmental compliance.

- Engage with regulatory agencies including VOSH, MSHA, DOT, OSHA, and EPA to ensure Chaney Enterprises remains compliant.

- Address safety incidents by leading investigations and coordinating clean-up efforts.

- Direct health and industrial hygiene programs.

- Maintain accurate DOT files.

- Collaborate with HR to ensure thorough safety orientation for new hires.


Position Benefits:

- Assume a key role as the Health & Safety Manager, covering the expansive region of Maryland.

- Benefit from a company-provided vehicle.

- Competitive base salary.


Additional Responsibilities:

- Work closely with the HR department for effective communication and program implementation.

- Assist and support colleagues in health and safety matters as needed.