Dispatch Lead (Seaford, DE)

The Dispatch Team Leader is responsible for the daily coordination of the Customer Service Center staff and Weighmaster activities with a focus on providing superior service and timely deliveries to our customers.

Essential Functions:

  1. Oversee the training and development of regional dispatch personnel.
  2. Ensure that all radios and telephones are answered and used in a courteous manner. Ensure that all orders are entered accurately to avoid erroneous deliveries and errors.
  3. Work closely with Regional Sales and Service Manager, Customer Service Assistant Manager and Operations Managers to ensure proper levels of inventories to support all internal and external customer orders.
  4. Monitor daily KPI dashboards.
  5. Monitor truck activity to maintain timely schedules and delivery of orders. Develop schedules for next assignments so that trucks are dispatched based on availability.
  6. Troubleshoot customer complaints and provide an appropriate resolution to the problem. Document and if necessary, elevate to Regional Sales and Service Manager and/or other appropriate manager (Sales, Operations, CCO, Safety) for resolution and follow-up.
  7. Promptly notify Safety, Operations Manager and/or other appropriate personnel of any accidents, material spills, or job site safety issues which may arise.
  8. Promote all corporate safety and environmental policies.
  9. Reject management
    1. Redirecting/reuse
    2. Weekly report
    3. Promptly troubleshooting with customer
  10. Driver hour/plant management. Moving drivers efficiently to support customer needs as well as driver hour management
  11. Promote all corporate safety and environmental policies.
  12. Other duties as assigned.

Non-Essential Functions:

  1. Maintain customer relations with all customers.
  2. Perform miscellaneous administrative functions as required.

Assist Customer Service Center Staff and Weighmasters as needed.