Corporate Recruiter (Gambrills, MD)

The Recruiter will research, develop, and implement effective recruiting and staffing strategies to attract a diverse pool of qualified and capable talent for the organization.

Essential Functions:

  1. Develops, facilitates, and implements all phases of the recruitment process.
  2. Collaborates with department managers to identify and draft detailed and accurate job descriptions and hiring criteria.
  3. Identifies and implements efficient and effective recruiting methods and strategies based on the available role, industry standards, and the needs of the organization.
  4. Assists with job posting and advertisement processes.
  5. Screens applications and selects qualified candidates.
  6. Schedules interviews; oversees preparation of interview questions and other hiring and selection materials.
  7. Assists with the interview process, attending and conducting interviews with managers, directors, and other stakeholders.
  8. Collaborates with the hiring manager and/or other human resource staff during the offer process, identifying and recommending salary ranges, incentives, start dates, and other pertinent details.
  9. Ensures compliance with federal, state, and local employment laws and regulations, and company policies.
  10. Attends and participates in college job fairs and recruiting sessions.
  11. Attend recruiting events/job fairs to recruit qualified candidates and promote the company.
  12. Coordinate and plan employee events such as the roadeo/picnic and holiday party.
  13. Other duties as assigned.