Concrete Delivery Professional (Gambrills, MD)

The Concrete Delivery Professional delivers quality ready-mix concrete in a timely and professional manner, while ensuring the safe and technically proficient operation of the vehicle.

Essential Functions:

  1. Deliver ready-mix concrete in a concrete mixer to a customer job site in a safe and timely manner. This involves loading the truck by pulling in or backing under the concrete plant, charging the drum, filling the water tank, obtaining the proper ticket and directions, adding required admixtures, and obtaining any other required supplemental products such as calcium and fiber mesh.
  2. Follow procedures and recognize problems that should be fixed at the plant prior to driving to the job site.
  3. Perform all pre and post-trip inspections and complete daily inspection reports.
  4. Always get out and inspect job site before entering. Safely maneuver truck and pour concrete at the customers job site. Contact Customer Service/Dispatch when problems arise to resolve.
  5. Mix the concrete to the required slump and consistency while on the customer site and properly add any admixtures, water, etc. as required.
  6. Identify problems with concrete quality, customers use, etc. Contact Customer Service/Dispatch when problems arise to resolve.
  7. Wash out chutes only in an environmentally approved area designated by customer. If no such site is available, wash out into a bucket and discharge at the plant.
  8. Ensure that the customer understands all forms to be signed and make sure to receive the proper signature from the customer on the delivery ticket and any other pertinent release forms, including receipt of concrete, COD charges, additions requested, etc.
  9. Receive the correct amount of COD money from customer then obtain proper signature. Turn in the money to the proper person upon return to the plant.
  10. Utilize iPad and radio to relay messages to Dispatch and access tickets. Keep Customer Service/Dispatch informed of all relevant information and problems.
  11. Clean all equipment at the end of the day including the drum, cab, windows, rotors, and axles; wash the outside of the hopper and chute every load; and wash inside the drum when necessary.
  12. Follow all environmental regulations and clean up any excess material that could cause environmental problems.
  13. Operate vehicles and equipment in a safe manner. Follow proper procedures and complete required documentation if an accident or injury occurs. Notify Manager, Customer Service/Dispatch or Safety Department as required.
  14. Understand and comply with all safety rules set forth by the company and governmental regulatory agencies (FMCSR, DOT, etc.). Notify Manager and the Safety Department immediately of any potential or current safety problems.
  15. Wear required PPE.
  16. Complete minor vehicle maintenance, such as chipping concrete (exterior) and adding oil.
  17. Other duties as assigned.

Non-Essential Functions:

  1. Perform miscellaneous duties and outside labor as requested by the Manager, which may include, but not limited to, cleaning up around the plant, sweeping, shoveling, moving wheelbarrows, picking up equipment or supplies.
  2. Assist as needed in the training process with new hires.
  3. Operate loader as needed (if qualified).
  4. Assist with the clean-up of concrete and material spills.
  5. Fill in for colleagues (at other locations) as needed.
  6. Volunteer and participate in company events.