Billing Associate (Gambrills, MD)

The Billing Associate collects information and data to verify and accurately bill external and internal account customers and COD customers.

Essential Functions:

  1. Complete billing for the RMC (ready mix concrete) and S&G (sand and gravel) jobs.
  2. Send bills to customers on a bi-weekly basis.
  3. Update and send out a batch to bill report on a weekly basis.
  4. Integrate the COD (cash on delivery) for retail stores.
  5. Correct delivery tickets as needed for mistakes or other adjustments.
  6. Monitor weekly sales journals to review for mistakes/corrections.
  7. Verify quotes, discounts and net/gross terms for billing.
  8. Collaborate with Sales Representatives to accurately invoice customers.
  9. Manage any customer credits on a daily basis.
  10. Collaborate with the Sales Department to accurately assign customer jobs.
  11. Calculate amount of internal sales through a spreadsheet.
  12. Resolve any internal delivery invoices.
  13. Manually bill odd invoices or customer jobs in the system.
  14. Handle customer inquiries in a timely and professional manner to provide an informed response.
  15. Send invoices and tickets to customers upon request.
  16. Support the credit department with collections.
  17. Other duties as assigned.

Non-Essential Functions:

  1. Collaborate with Accounts Payable and other Accounting department members to provide quality and accurate service to our customers.