Date: December 8, 2015

News - Seal Your Concrete Before Winter Sets In

Seal Your Concrete Before Winter Sets In

Although concrete is extremely durable, certain techniques can extend the life of this product even further. Most damage that occurs to concrete is during the harsh winter months.  A quality sealer should be applied to new and old concrete especially before the first winter.  How often all depends on how much you want to protect your investment and have your concrete project last several decades if not your lifetime.

The sealer’s job is to minimize the amount of moisture that gets into the pores of the concrete, which will then prevent damage from freeze-thaw cycles.

Applying sealers to your existing concrete is best done in the fall months of September or October but if you haven’t got around to it yet, it’s not too late.  Some sealers can even be used when the outside temperatures reach as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

To apply your sealer make sure the concrete is completely dry.  A paint roller or pump sprayer can be used for the application of the product just make sure that it is applied evenly.

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